Hi Breda,

Just a short note to let you know how we are getting on. It’s day 21 & already I can notice a change in Patrick, learning his spellings is not the big chore it used to be not only that he has increased the number of spellings he is learning every week and remembering them.

He is enjoying the what’s next & object games &; I can see his 2D & 3D memory improving the whole time, not only his it’s become a game we all play. His reading is still a bit slow but he is able to make a movie out of everything he is reading so I know he is understanding it.

At the beginning of this I was wondering how we would manage doing it every day for 28 days but it has just become a part of our daily routine & I think the fact that Patrick can see the results himself makes it easier. Be in touch soon.


My son Robert and I completed the Press Play Mental Skills Program with Breda Coughlan in February last. On the first day Robert came out spelling Hippopotamus front and back, he was on a high. The program is easy to follow and very comprehensive. The only thing a parent needs to do is commit – you must commit to doing it for the 28 days – but the results are great.

Robert is extremely lucky in that he has incredibly supportive teachers who are totally dedicated to helping him reach his potential. By completing this program I now feel that I also have a tool that is assisting him both at home and in school so the learning is full-time but in a fun way.

Robert is often hesitant about trying new things but, by listening to his needs and tailoring the program to way he learns Breda very quickly built rapport and trust with Robert.

It’s a great program and I would recommend it to any parent who is looking for a new tool to help their child with dyslexia.


‘My son aged 9 had been struggling with his English and spellings for some time and was not up to the standard of his class. He had been assessed by the school but not diagnosed with any condition, no dyslexia or learning difficulty, but to me he was finding both these subjects hard going and therefore lacking in confidence in the classroom. He worked hard every week and put a lot of time into learning his 20 English spellings for the week. But I noticed that the following week he got them wrong and was not retaining them.

I heard about Breda’s program from another mother who son was diagnosed wtih Dyslexia and decided to look into it.

We completed the program for spellings and reading and the difference to my son is really great. The program provided us with a method of learning so that what he learns is retained in his long term memory. He is spending much less time learning spellings now but is doing much better and this has made him more confident in himself and at school.

We also did the reading program which was helpful in getting him to visualise the story he is reading and not just reading words. He is happier to read by himself now and is reading more books than ever.

For us it was a very useful program just to give us a method of learning spellings big or small and it has given my son a boost in his English and spellings and over all he is much happier with both subjects now.’

Breda Galway

Hi Breda,

Just letting you know how we found the Dyslexia techniques you showed Emilie this August. When we finished we had a week off before school restarted.

Two months on her spellings have improved so much. She can spell backwards faster now than forwards. She may get 1 out of 12 wrong occasionally. But most of the time she gets 9 – 12 letter words right. Her reading has come on leaps and bounds.

Its not a quick majical fix. Its a work in progress. Most of all her confidence has grown. We are on a much better path. Homework is not the nightmare it once was.


B Sarah and Emilie Donlon

Before the programme Oran simply had no tools to enable him to learn and retain spelling. He was and is unable to use phonetics as a key to unlocking words. Now thanks to Breda Coughlan and press play he is able to learn and retain even the most difficult of spellings.

Thanks Breda

My son David, who is eight years old, has been struggling in school, from the first day really. Earlier this year, after many an assessment and a muddle of visits with various experts in their field, it was decided that David has Dyspraxia. While school have been largely supportive throughout and the advice from professionals such as his Occupational therapist, were invaluable, we still were at a point where we finished with first class with David struggling to one degree or another in lots of areas. Homework was the stuff that nightmares were made of and we coped by using alternative therapies to deal with the knock on stuff for David like anxiety and frustration.

We completed the month long program with Breda over the summer. It was hard work, it took commitment and lots of patience. Lots of the work had a fun aspect, so we just maximized that side of things when the going got tough, it was all worthwhile!

He is back in school two weeks and the improvements are immense. Spelling and reading have improved hugely, he is also much improved when it comes to listening to instructions and task completion and i just find we both have the coping skills to deal with the problems better as they crop up.

Most importantly, he is walking tall, going in the school gate and that means everything.
This program is great, it works and i wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to anybody. Breda is an exceptional person, she has the personal experience and i found she had a great way with motivating David and explaining things, to both of us. As he said himself, i wish my teachers could be more like Breda!

Many thanks Breda,


Dear Breda,

Just a note to thank you for all your help . Since completing the programme Gavin has gained so much confidence in everything that he does. I no longer have to sit beside him when he is doing his English. He has being in two plays and learned all his lines in a few days. He has also sang in church and is learning the tin whistle. He reads in bed at night and is always writing stories. I would never have envisaged any of the above ever taking place before we did the press play programme.

Thanks very much

Aileen Leitrim